ROOTS is proud to be able to regularly offer to following trainings to our volunteers and other interested parties. Dates for these trainings may be found on our Calendar. You can RSVP to any of these trainings by emailing

The Ropes: Understanding and Engaging Youth Homelessness

This training was created by the University District Service Providers Association specifically to help volunteers in this community learn about the causes and characteristics of youth homelessness, the nature of street life and culture, and tools for engaging these youth and young adults. Check out the official website of this training.

Conflict Response

In this training, you will learn to recognize the common physiological symptoms of conflict, the stages of crisis and how to be more comfortable navigating them, and concrete tools (what to say, where to stand, etc) to resolve conflict safely. Includes role playing where participant get hands on time to de-escalate conflicts. Required for all staff and volunteers before your second overnight shift or within the first month of volunteering with ROOTS.

ROOTS Volunteer Orientation

This training is required for all ROOTS volunteers and gives a run down of the structure of our shelter program and the layout of the building.

Anti-Oppression 101

This training asks volunteers to analyze their own social identities (such as race, gender, sexual orientation, etc), and how those identities influence the way they perceive and interact with shelter guests. Volunteers will also broaden their understanding of the ways privilege and oppression impact their volunteer experience and those that we serve.

Kitchen Basics

This training is designed as an orientation specifically for incoming dinner and breakfast volunteers. Kitchen basics provides a detailed tour of our kitchen, critical information about food safety, resources for meal prep and an overview of best practices for guest engagement as a kitchen volunteer.

Volunteer Basics

This all-day weekend training, offered three times per year, combines the content from our Anti-Oppression, Conflict Response and ROPES of Youth Homelessness trainings into one comprehensive package. It’s a great way for new volunteers to meet their training requirements.