What ages does ROOTS serve?

ROOTS serves young adults ages 18-25

How many beds do you have?

ROOTS is a 45-bed shelter

Do you serve dinner?

ROOTS serves dinner every night, as well as breakfast every morning.

How do I get on the list?

Call (206) 632-1635 or arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 PM and ask to put your name on the list. If more than 45 people are trying to access shelter, then a random drawing is done at 8:30PM to determine who will be turned away. The doors open for sign-in at 9.

What is the maximum length of stay?

ROOTS requires individuals to put their name on the list every night they want to access shelter. There is no maximum length of stay.

Do I need an ID to stay at ROOTS?

ROOTS requires a government-issued photo ID within 15 stays OR a note from a case manager saying you are in the process of getting an ID.

Can I bring my pet?

ROOTS does not allow pet animals in shelter. Service animals are permitted.

Can I do laundry there?

ROOTS has laundry available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Can I take a shower?

ROOTS has shower facilities available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Can I reserve a bed in advance?

Reserving a bed in advance requires prior arrangements with staff.Guests may be able to reserve a bed in advance if working or attending school conflicts with shelter hours.

Do I need to be sober in order to access shelter?

No, as long as you can still follow shelter rules, respect others, and maintain safety. ROOTS is a low barrier shelter that does not turn guests away due to intoxication; however, NO drug or alcohol use ON shelter grounds will be tolerated.

Are there case managers available on site?

ROOTS has a full-time case manager available to provide help with the following- housing assessments and referrals, ID, diversion assistance, employment and education, public benefits, resource navigation, and referrals to other services such as substance use and mental health treatment. Talk with shelter staff to make an appointment or come to Monday drop-in to connect with our case manager.

Can I bring my children?

Due to Washington State law, ROOTS cannot accept any person under the age of 18.

What other services do you provide?

ROOTS has a daytime drop-in program on Mondays from 2:00-6:00pm in the same location as the overnight shelter. Drop-in provides snacks, access to showers and other essential needs, a place to rest, case management, and medical services through UW Youth Clinic. Must be in the age range of 18-26th birthday to access drop-in and ID will be required for anyone who hasn't stayed at ROOTS overnight shelter."